Marketing but not as we know it

Business Development

No matter how effective your planning, if you are not reaching your target market and generating income then you will not succeed. At Achill Management we provide a comprehensive business development approach for civil society and social enterprise organisations.

Helping you become more entrepreneurial

  • Understanding social enterprise – what does it mean and how does it work in practice?
  • Working with your board, your senior managers, staff and volunteers to develop an entrepreneurial approach
  • Changing the culture from grant recipient to income generator
  • Deciding on the right structure for your trading company
  • Responding to contracts and commissioners
  • Using marketing and communications effectively, no matter how big or small your budget


For many of our clients having an effective fundraising strategy that supports and enhances their income generation strategy is vital. Our expertise includes

  • Developing a Fundraising Strategy
  • Applying for funds and making winning fundraising applications
  • Developing donor management systems
  • Developing High Net Worth campaigns
  • Mass and Crowd Fundraising

Marketing, but not as we know it…

Achill Management’s approach is a little different to our competitors.  We believe that in the real world, marketing isn’t a department or a job title; it’s a set of tools and skills that help everyone to deliver their objectives, reaching the most important audiences and providing our clients with the brand credibility they need to be truly sustainable and resilient.

This means we use recognisable skills and offer services that work together to drive results in both a tactical and holistic way, including:

  • Developing and communicating a brand that actively supports your core activities
  • Creating powerful stories and a visual identity that brings that brand to life
  • Creating effective fundraising campaigns using the latest digital and direct marketing techniques
  • Growing brand awareness and credibility with your target audiences using PR and integrated media activity
  • Communicating and engaging with donors, volunteers, supporters and stakeholders to elicit the actions that the organisation needs
  • Social media training and coaching
  • Tracking results and performance


Case Study

The Aldingbourne Trust

The Aldingbourne Trust cares for and supports adults with learning disabilities across the South of England. Kevin and his team created a tiered, integrated marketing strategy which supported the charity as a whole and the 9 separate entities within it all leveraging the core brand, philosophy and focus. They created internal communications programmes to engage with the staff and volunteers (volunteers weren’t previously included at all) and their ‘Friends’. Incorporated internal and beneficiary audience research and collation of feedback to drive the activity planning and coached the in-house team to deliver the plan. In addition they launched two new social enterprises. Find out more

Client Feedback

Alison Redmore, Director, Science Learning Centre East of England, University of Hertfordshire

"Amanda’s expert support and capability enabled us to assemble and submit two million-pound bids in just 4 weeks, both of which we won. Amanda has extensive experience of business support as well as excellent interpersonal skills. She was able to assimilate a large amount of complex material and ideas in a short period of time in order to draw together the outline bids, and then asked appropriately challenging questions to help clarify our thinking and to direct the contributions we needed to write to complete the process. She kept us on track, helped with proof-reading and then supported us through the Bid presentation process. I can’t recommend Amanda highly enough and will definitely seek her help with future bids or business challenges."