Helping you manage the challenge of change

Developing Your Organisation

Successful organisations need strong effective teams and robust systems that are flexible enough to accommodate the demands of a changing world. We can draw on over 20 years of experience of organsational development and change management, bringing our best practice expertise and understanding to bear on each new project. So whether its structure or systems, the team or your board we can help.

Organisational Structure

  • Organisational audits and reviews – including staffing, finance, operations, marketing and management
  • Organisational restructuring and operational planning
  • Change management
  • Feasibility studies and due diligence reports
  • Financial management and evaluation – ensuring processes and systems are in place and fit for purpose
  • Risk assessment and risk registers
  • Research and evaluation

The Staff Team

  • Staff and Trustee skills audits and analysis
  • Job evaluation
  • Human resources support on staffing, structures, redundancy planning, recruitment and personal development plans
  • Staff handbooks
  • Policies
  • Teambuilding and staff development

Board and non-executive team

  • Good governance advice and guidance
  • Trustee skills assessments and role reviews
  • Trustee and Board development – including strategic planning
  • Succession planning

With our partner organsiation H.E.D.S we can offer a specialist Trustee recruitment and non-executive search service to ensure you get the right people on your board. See more on our Partners page.

Unlocking Creativity

We know that resilient and successful organisations are dynamic, flexible and creative. At Achill Management we have worked with a variety of arts organisations including theatre and performing arts companies, but creativity is not confined to the arts industries.

We believe that individuals and teams work better, are more innovative and more successful if they can release their inner creativity. We run a range of workshops and programmes to support creative activity in charities, businesses and social enterprises.

Our team includes artists, writers, poets, film directors and actors. If you want to release the true creative energy of your staff then get in touch and we will develop a tailor made programme just for you.

Key themes and areas of activity include

  • Creative writing
    • Workshops led by experienced writers and tutors with organisations ( adapted to suit needs and contexts ) to encourage thinking ‘out of the box’
    • ‘Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.’ ( Samuel Beckett ) workshops that stress the value of drafting and experimentation with language and how to prevent the ‘fear factor’
    • ‘summoning the energies of words’( Seamus Heaney) Workshops that encourage invention and daring in the use of language to replace tired and clichéd language and ideas
  • Creative Thinking for Creative Organisations
    • Artist led workshops to help all staff and teams understand what creativity is, how it can benefit the workplace and how to structure creative influences to make use of them in everyday situations

Internal marketing

  • Proactively and positively bringing the organisation along the journeys above
  • Developing effective and engaging communications strategies and tactics
  • Driving motivation and support amongst the teams responsible for delivery

Any development or review process often means you need to consider more significant changes which can lead to developing new business relationships perhaps by working in partnership or even through a merger.

We are experienced in helping organisations develop new working relationships within and across the sectors

Case Study

Voluntary Action Islington

Achill Management worked with Voluntary Action Islington following their merger to support organizational restructuring and business planning. A full organsiational audit, reviewing all aspects of the charities operations, staffing, governance and leadership included interviews with all staff, trustees and stakeholders, led to a comprehensive report with a detailed set of recommendations for change.

Following presentation and acceptance by the Board of Trustees of the recommendations, the Achill Management team supported the Chief Executive and his senior managers through a new strategic planning process, which ran alongside the relocation to a new and larger office premises.

Our focused intervention allowed the newly merged organisation to move quickly into an effective high performing operation which continues to grow.

Client Feedback

Madeleine Bates, General Manager TALC

"Achill Management carried out an organisational and governance review of TALC in August 2012. The process was well-thought out, comprehensive and thorough, and the subsequent report produced was incisive, clear and gave us a clear view of the work needed to develop the organisation."