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Resilient organisations are better able to survive and prosper in difficult economic times. At Achill Management we have developed a range of new tools and interventions to assess the resilience of your staff, and your organisation. Our approach is about sustainability for the long term and is designed to make sure you are still in […]

Developing Your Organisation

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Whether you are a new social enterprise, a start up or an established business, there are times when you need to focus on organisational development. At Achill Management we have over 20 years experience working with charities, not for profits, SMEs and social enterprises in helping them be more effective through development and change management. […]

Strategy and Planning

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To be successful you need a coherent strategy that the staff and board understand and can relate to. A good strategic plan is more than just a live document, refreshed and revisited over time, it is an approach that underpins what you do and how you do it. At Achill Management we help our clients […]

Working Together

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Successful and resilient organisations do not work in isolation – they need a network of reliable and trusted relationships, both formal and informal, to help them thrive. At Achill Management we have a proven track record of developing collaborative working, from formal consortium building to informal relationship management. Our approach to working together encompasses Consortium […]

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Do you need your organisation to be more productive, more successful and more resilient? If so you are in the right place.

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Do you need your organisation to be more productive, more successful and more resilient? If so you are in the right place.

Winning business in the public sector

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By Kevin Baughen Two years ago, I wrote a piece for the Guardian website about how small organisations were struggling to even be considered to deliver local, public services in spite of the Big Society initiative claiming this was all going to change… Have you seen any evidence of change since then?  We’re genuinely interested […]

Business Development

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No matter how effective your planning, if you are not reaching your target market and generating income then you will not succeed. At Achill Management we provide a comprehensive business development approach for civil society and social enterprise organsiations.

Resilence and Sustainability

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In tough economic times it is not enough just to survive, you need to be thinking about sustainability for the medium to long term. At Achill Management we are developing new tools and resources to support organsiational sustainability and resilience, from sustainability audits to online mapping tools that help you chart your organisation’s resilience against […]

Voluntary Action Islington

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Achill Management worked with Voluntary Action Islington following their merger to support organizational restructuring and business planning. A full organsiational audit, reviewing all aspects of the charities operations, staffing, governance and leadership included interviews with all staff, trustees and stakeholders, led to a comprehensive report with a detailed set of recommendations for change. Following presentation […]