Staff are at heart of every organisation, be it a start-up or a global business, and we know how to help you get your best from them. We are experienced in developing staff communications, job and role evaluations and staff support programmes as well as wider communications, marketing and promotion strategies. Our base of associates and partner companies – including social media, marketing, event management and PR professionals – means we can provide internal and external communication solutions.

We can offer a full Social Media service for smaller client organisations – running your twitter and facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, as well as crafting internal and external communications.

Unlocking Creativity

Resilient and sustainable organisations are dynamic, flexible and creative. At Achill Management we have worked across the arts and creative sector with performing arts companies such Entelechy Arts, IMPACT Outreach and East Sussex Music. However creativity is not confined to the arts industries.

We believe that individuals and teams work better, are more innovative and more productive if they can release their inner creativity. Working with artists, writers, performers and poets we can run in house workshops and programmes to support creative activity in private sector organisations and charities. Programmes that are enhanced through our sister company Achill Sounds – who provide broadcast and production services.

Creative Writing Workshops to encourage thinking and creative performance including “Ever tried. Ever failed. No Matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better” Samuel Beckett a workshop that stresses the value of drafting and experimentation with language and how to prevent the ‘fear factor’.

Improvisation workshops led by Julie Flower and her Twinprov colleague to unleash your inner creativity and talent.

Creative Thinking for Creative Organisations – artist led workshops to help all staff & teams understand what creativity is, how it can benefit the workplace and how to structure creative influences to make use of them in everyday situations.