Sustainability needs to be embedded at all levels in your organisation and that means developing a truly strategic approach led by the Board (or Trustees) and senior managers. We help our clients with all stages of the strategy and planning process – from first steps to full implementation – to support the three pillars of sustainability: people, planet and profit. Clients include MLDI, Rethink Mental Illness, University of Hertfordshire, INSP.

A sound strategy is based on four key steps.

Step One: Setting the Context 

We work closely with clients to get the building blocks of strategy right to include:

  • Setting or revising your Vision and Mission
  • Identifying and articulating your values and goals
  • Stakeholder engagement in strategic planning – staff and client consultations, brainstorming and focus groups
  • Strategic Planning with Board and Senior Executives

Step Two: Structuring your strategy 

A robust strategy needs a strong yet flexible structure, to allow for revisions and updates.

  • Setting strategic objectives
  • Targets and measurements, milestones and KPIs
  • Financial planning and ensuring Strategy drives the budget not the other way around
  • Linking your strategy to income generation and service delivery

Step Three: Writing and revising the strategy 

A sound strategy needs to be clear, jargon free, accessible and easy to update. From early stage brainstorming to final edits we can support you to develop a powerful document that both represents your strategic vision but ensures everyone in the organisation will understand and relate to the plan.

Step Four: Operational Planning and buy in

Moving from headline strategy to day to day operational plans, targets and deliverables. We support clients in gaining buy in and commitment from staff and stakeholders, as well as revising and reviewing plans year by year.