Hidden Britain

Posted by on Nov 24, 2013 in Case Study

Hidden Britain is a UK-based rural development charity. Kevin Baughen woked with the charity to create a valid marketing approach including strategic priorities and relevant activity plans, designed and launched a new product range via multi-media campaigns to a limited budget. He created a new website and built a social media presence to influence stakeholders and evidence value of the new way of doing things. He engaged the beneficiaries and key stakeholders through extensive primary and secondary research to underpin key activity planning: Online surveys, social media research, face to face interviewing, focus groups and interpretation and analysis.

Key results

New product range on sale and generating geographic reach spreading to Wales and Scotland as a result of awareness activity –over 100 new communities are now aware of the charity and using the services directly. Growing uptake of paid-for services by community groups who had previously received services for free and were reticent to pay for them