Achill Management is dedicated to helping your organisation benefit from the triple bottom line:

People Planet Profit

Working together for a Green Recovery

At Achill Management we believe the way out of the pandemic and its aftermath is to work for a fully green recovery, and we are committed to supporting our clients and their businesses to adapt, change and thrive by adopting new more sustainable working practices.

Are you planning to restructure with agile remote teams and smaller core? How are you addressing the challenges of reducing your carbon and environmental impact while keeping staff and clients safe? What opportunities does a green recovery bring for rethinking what you do and how you do it?

At Achill Management we have a suite of tools and interventions to help you build back better – from the No Fly Carbon Tracker tool – to sustainable return to work and agile working programmes to ensure the wellbeing and efficiency of your staff. We can even help you develop your own podcast series as we have for a wide range of other clients. Listen to our most recent podcast and hear us in action.

What we believe

Our approach blends experience of organisational development with expertise in environmental consultancy to ensure your business is more sustainable, more productive and more profitable – without costing the earth.


People are your most valuable and precious resource. To be truly sustainable organisations need effective teams and robust management systems which are flexible enough to accommodate the demands of a changing world. So whether it’s organisational structure and systems or your team and your stakeholders, we can help.


Climate change and our biodiversity loss are our biggest threats and time is running out. We need shared solutions that allow businesses, governments, citizens and communities to act now. Wherever you are on your sustainability journey we can help you work towards ‘net zero’ and do everything you can to protect our fragile world.


We know that sustainable business equals good business. The Achill Management programmes support an approach to running and managing your business in a way that not only reduces costs but also generates income through enhanced engagement and productivity while reducing your impact on the planet.

What we do and how we can help

Developing Sustainable Business 

Sustainable businesses need both practical and strategic support and our suite of programmes and resources cover everything from environmental audits, developing and implementing a sustainability strategy, carbon measurement, reducing emissions to getting staff, clients and stakeholders engaged. Wherever you are on your journey we can help.

Organisational  Development

Sustainable organisations need to think strategically about all of their resources and have the right plans, structures, processes and people in place to perform effectively. If you need help developing or revising your strategy, an organisational restructure or are looking for Board or team development we can help.

Communication and Networks

We need to work collaboratively to tackle the climate crisis. Achill Management are experts in developing and running networks, providing information, resources, inspiration and support to the legal and finance sector, as well as not for profits. Our communications team ensure those shared messages are heard and understood.

Essential listening for everyone who cares about the planet

Achill Management are the team behind the highly successful podcast Planet Pod that brings insight and understanding to the sustainability debate. From politicians to protesters, we talk to the people behind the headlines. Planet Pod week by week is an eclectic, informed and enriching mix of conversations with conservationists, activists, scientists, campaigners, business owners, environmentalists and sceptics. Catch our latest episode here.

Our mission at Planet Pod is to bring interesting people together to discuss the issues that matter.  Why not tune into our Green Recovery Webinar series to hear what leaders and influencers are thinking.

Green Recovery Webinar Series

Offers insight and inspiration from leaders across a range of sectors, from energy production to rewilding. You can find the first three webinars here.

What we think

3o Days Wild

3o Days Wild

During June I took part in 30 Days Wild, the campaign organised by the Wildlife Trusts. Along with the 430,000+ other people who took part in what was the UK’s biggest nature challenge, I was encouraged to do something each day that connected me to nature – a “daily random act of wildness”

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